Matevosyan 2020 Red Dry Wine Armenian WIne

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Matevosyan 2020 Red Dry Armenian WIne

Made from Areni Grape, which grows in the village of Aghavnadzor in Vayos Dzor Region. The flavor stands out with its perfectly integrated tannins and good balance. It ands up with a succulent taste of chokeberry. It is an excellent match for meat and cheese.

  1. Aroma: You could mention any notable aromas such as hints of berries, spices, or earthiness that complement the flavor profile.
  2. Body: Describe the weight of the wine on the palate, whether it's light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied.
  3. Finish: Detail the lingering aftertaste, whether it's long and smooth or crisp and refreshing.
  4. Terroir: Discuss the unique characteristics imparted by the terroir of the Aghavnadzor region, such as soil composition, climate, and altitude.
  5. Winemaking Process: Provide insights into any special techniques or traditions used in crafting this wine, such as aging in oak barrels or fermentation methods.

Bottle size: 750ml.